YritysHelsinki is an information website for all who intend to become entrepreneurs or are already operating a company

“Take these instructions to avoid unnecessary risks”

YritysHelsinki is an information site designed for those who are going to be entrepreneurs and those who are already working as one, providing comprehensive information on entrepreneurship.

With the help of the guide, we aim to provide support from the development of a business idea to finding the right contacts. Use of the site is completely free for everyone.

The quide gives you an information for example about

  • Starting a company
  • Business Plan
  • Risks
  • Financing

Becoming an entrepreneur?

For those considering becoming an entrepreneur, we have listed five steps to entrepreneurship:

1. Check out the guide

A comprehensive range of tools and instructions are available to those who become entrepreneurs. With tools it is easier to build the overall picture.

2. Participate in training

For example, TE-Services organize various free trainings for those who become entrepreneurs.

3. Make a Business Plan

Business Plan includes the company’s business idea and financial calculations in an easy-to-understand format.

4. Learn from business advisors

Once you have completed the training and made a preliminary Business Plan, you can make an appointment with a business advisor.

5. Start a business

Becoming an entrepreneur is a major decision. Be sure to realistically evaluate, among other things, your own entrepreneurial qualities, financial situation, and the chances of a business idea succeeding. Also find out the different legal obligations that are required to start a business.

Compete corporate loans for free

Financing plays a significant role at every stage of a company’s journey. For this reason, competitive bidding is an important part of the growth process.

Our partner EMI Yrityslaina competes with the loan needs of companies of all ages in one application. The competition is free and does not bind the company to anything.

EMI Yrityslaina is a Finnish service that has been providing financing solutions to companies for several years. The competition is possible from EUR 1,000 to EUR 300,000.