Entrepreneurship education

When entrepreneurship is being considered as a career option and you plan to become an entrepreneur or have already set up a business, we recommend participating in entrepreneurship career coaching or entrepreneurship training.

You can start a business flexibly while participating in entrepreneurship training. In this way, you get Experience-Based Listed Information on Entrepreneurship and can immediately apply what you have learned to your own business.

Education providers

When you apply for a startup grant before the start of entrepreneurship, TE-Services offers the opportunity for training. In most cases, TE-Services require that training be completed as a prerequisite for startup grant (source only in Finnish).

Suomen Yrittäjät offers to its members numerous different trainings and many of the trainings are free of charge. We therefore recommend that you become a member of Suomen Yrittäjät after founding the company, in which case the benefits will be at your disposal.

Studyinfo.fi is a gateway to various entrepreneurial trainings. The trainings are informative, but some of the trainings lead to an entrepreneurial degree. You can find out about the trainings near you on the Studyinfo.fi website.